Mysteryrooms in Bangalore

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Play a gang of thieves and plan that perfect robbery of the precious Kohinoor diamond kept under high security in a British museum.

Recommended team size: 4-8 players.

Difficulty Level: 5 / 5

*Children under 14 are not permitted unless accompanied by an adult.

You must enter an occult forest to uncover the secret behind the mysterious killings happening in the cursed woods and save the villagers. It is the ferocious beast, the witch or something else? Beware, no one returns from this atrocious place!

Play as a team of 4-8 players.

Difficulty Level: 5 / 5

You are an eminent personality of the country and have been kidnapped by a terrorist organization to blackmail the president for your release! Little do they know about your skills, you must plan and execute an escape plan before the president makes a compromise!

Play as a team of 2-8 players.

Difficulty Level: 4.5 / 5

Wrongly convicted of a crime, you are held in a brutal, regimented prison environment. But now it's time for you to break free! The Jailer and his mates are out for an hour to attend National Day Celebrations and this is the only opportunity to execute your escape plan!

Play as a team of 2-8 players.

Difficulty Level: 4 / 5

Bandits and terrorists have besieged a place with a bomb. As an elite member of the bomb squad, you must race against the clock to defuse the bombs and save lives. The suspects have covered their tracks pretty well, but there should be enough clues to make a conviction! Be quick and careful: each passing second brings you closer to the bang!

Play as a team of 2-8 players.

Difficulty Level: 3.5 / 5

An unnerving series of cold, unexplained death cases have been in the news. Sudden cardiac arrest and a petrified expression of terror on dead faces have made the case the talk of the town. Could it really be a Video tape? That’s at least what the rumors suggest! This could be your encounter with the unholy and slain Samara. As they say, she is out of her well and in search of her next victim.


Play as a team of 2-8 Players

Difficulty Level: 5 / 5

The Investigation of a mysterious disappearance of a little girl met a dead end as it led to an ancient dungeon in the city which is supposedly haunted. Unconvinced by the fate of the high-profile case, you decide to carry out the investigation independently and bring out the truth hidden in the haunted. But are you curious enough to face the dark reality and risk your life?

Recommended team size: 2-8 players.

Difficulty Level: 5 / 5

Years ago, a magnificent theater that was the most applauded in the city was shadowed by innocent cries for help! A fire whose cause is still unknown, razed the theater to the ground killing everyone inside during the show. Today, the theater has been rebuilt exactly the way it was... but can that change its gloomy past or will you have to revisit it? Your exclusive invite for a pre launch show is expiring soon!

Play as a team of 4-8 Players.

Your mate has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and you deny to accept his doomed fate. A genius, committed to get your friend out, you device an elaborated escape plan to help him break out by purposely getting yourself imprisoned. Fortunately, you are placed in the cell next to him just a few days before his execution. Will you be able to escape before he walks the final mile?

Play as a team of 4-8 Players.